Gen David Sejusa.

General David Sejusa, also known as Tinyefuza has been arrested and detained at Makindye Military barracks.

This comes a few hours after military surrounded Sejusa’s home in Naguru. It is said that Gen. Sejusa is heading youth who are planning violence and defiance during and after elections.

This is a developing story. We shall keep you posted as it unfolds.

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Free Uganda Committee Issues a statement.

The military police in Uganda have surrounded the home of Ugandan General David Sejusa, who is currently the Chairman of Free Uganda (FU), and organisation that is at the heart of the pro-democracy struggle going on in the East African nation.

It is thought that the Museveni regime, which has ruled Uganda for nearly 30 years, and may be facing defeat at the coming elections on 18th February 2016, has a plan to arrest top Uganda pro-democracy activists, like General Sejusa, so as to forestall possible mass uprising that is seen as inevitable should Museveni refuse to hand over power to the victorious political opposition.

Free Uganda is closely monitoring the situation on the ground, but in the meantime calls upon all FU members and operatives to be prepared for any eventuality in case Mr Museveni decides to play his usual ill-informed monkey tricks and stupid political game plays.

All the youth activists aligned to Free Uganda, and all the nation’s liberation forces are advised to be on standby should their services be required.

All the people of Uganda are also called upon not to be worried, but to understand that any stupid mistake by Museveni to disorganise the freedom struggle meant to cause positive change in the country will be vigorous dealt with by the People’s Resistance Forces.

General David Sejusa is staying firm and un-phased by the situation building up outside his Naguru home.

He requests the country not to panic, as any stupid antics by Museveni will be adequately handled.

The people of Uganda and the world at large will be kept informed of any further developments.

A Luta Continua.

[Statement issued by Dr. Vincent Magombe, the Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU – 31/01/2016]

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