One of the armoured vehicles acquired by police last week

As polling date draws nearer, the police has assured Ugandans of peace during and after the elections slated for February 18.

“We would like to give assurance to the public that we shall do our best to ensure peaceful elections” Mr Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson said yesterday while addressing journalists during the weekly press conference at police headquarters in Naguru

He said that to ensure peace prevails ahead of the elections, police has heavily deployed in the 27 regions and 112 districts of Uganda. A number of machinery, mostly vehicles have been procured by the force to help make their work easy, their small officer to civilian ratio notwithstanding, he noted.

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Five ambulances, 49 fire Brigade vehicles for municipalities and districts, 6 units of anti-riot armored vehicles, two cars for logistics and engineering and six vehicles for the United Nations and African Union missions, have been purchased.

These purchases follow the recent procurement of about 85 new police patrol vehicles, and according to Mr Enanga, police has been raising money for the said vehicles over the past two years.

“All this is in good faith to see that the Uganda Police work is easy and that Ugandans benefit from the undertaking,” he said.


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