Outgoing EAC Secretary General Amb Dr Richard Sezibera

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) has moved a resolution to bid farewell to the outgoing Secretary General of the EAC, Hon Amb Dr Richard Sezibera.

The Resolution moved by Hon AbuBakr Ogle and seconded by Hon Abdullah Mwinyi, recognised the Secretary General for the great service rendered during his tenure of service to the Community.

The Resolution which received support from the whole House, cited a number of achievements in the programs and projects of the EAC during the five year period (2011-2016). Among the achievements are the recent introduction of the international EAC e-Passport, which the Resolution terms a critical milestone in the integration dispensation.

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The Resolution also takes cognisance of the fact that Hon Amb Dr Sezibera’s tenure saw the conclusion and ratification of the Monetary Union, which is the third pillar of integration. It also cites Hon Amb Dr Sezibera’s key role in spearheading the granting of financial and administrative autonomy to the EALA and the EACJ, thus laying the foundation to commence on various amendments of the Treaty and the relevant EAC Rules and Regulations.

On matters of trade, the mover said the EAC Secretary General had sustained campaigns to ensure the realization of the Single Customs Territory (SCT) and that it had duly paid off.  Also laudable, a section of the Resolution avers, is the EAC’s infrastructure programme which is set to spur development in the region apart from other parts of the continent in terms of competitiveness thus laying the Standard Railway Gauge and making unprecedented advances in investment of energy.

In order to ensure people centeredness, the Secretary General was instrumental in establishing and sustaining the quarterly Secretary General’s forum with the Private Sector.

In justifying the Resolution, Hon AbuBakr Ogle hailed the Secretary General for the positive areas of integration but also added there were challenges as well during his tenure.

He remarked that the incoming Secretary General was taking over at a critical time for the Community.

Contributing to the debate, Hon Peter Mathuki said the outgoing EAC boss had made significant contribution towards strengthening of the integration process. He remarked that the addition of the Republic of South Sudan in to the bloc was a key deliverable that was facilitated during the tenure of the outgoing Secretary General.

Hon Shyrose Bhanji noted that during the tenure of Amb Sezibera, many deliverables were realised.  We have seen the reduction of NTBs and the Single Customs Territory (SCT) is also a reality.

Hon Martin Ngoga referred to Hon Amb Dr Sezibera’s tenure as one marked by great achievements, while Hon Margaret Nantongo Zziwa said during the tenure of Dr Sezibera, the Members had realised improved welfare. She remarked that the challenges notwithstanding, the achievements of the Secretary General were laudable.

Hon Abdullah Mwinyi and Hon Dr Odette Nyiramilimo heaped praises on Dr Sezibera for the sterling job he had done for the Community.  “The role of been Secretary General is extremely challenging. One must balance interest of the Community and have deep understanding of needs of Partner States,” they said.

Hon Dora Byamukama congratulated the Republic of Rwanda for nominating Hon Amb Dr Richard Sezibera and said he had brought honour to the Partner States and the region.

Last week, Hon Amb Dr Sezibera addressed the House where he delivered the score-card of achievements during his tenure as the bloc’s Secretary General.

Amb Dr Richard Sezibera whose tour of duty at the EAC comes to an end on April 26th, 2015 has had a successful career in public service as a physician, Minister in the Government of Rwanda and as a Member of Rwanda’s Transitional Parliament. He has also served in the Army and as a diplomat.

At the 17th Ordinary Summit of the EAC Heads of State, the Heads of State appointed Mr Liberat Mfumukeko, the outgoing EAC Deputy Secretary General, Finance and Administration as the new Secretary General of the Community with effect from April 26th, 2016.



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