ACP Polly Bagambaki Namaye

Uganda Police have Monday blocked a team from All Saints Church, Rukungiri from proceeding to presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye’s home in Kasangati, Wakiso district.

Nonetheless, Polly Namaye, the Deputy Police spokesperson, denied claims that they have blocked the group from visiting Dr. Besigye.

“The Regional Police Commander (RPC) and the Divisional Police Commander (DPC) are there right now. They are trying to agree with the group on how best they can see Besigye but in smaller groups,” Namaye said.

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“We are also trying to verify who these people are.” The group is led by Right Rev Bamushangire, Rt. Reverand Kanyonyi and Reverend Kahangirwe,” she added. There had also been rumors that the Rukungiri Mayor Charles Makulu among others had been arrested.


A section of Uganda Police Force has since February 18 camped on the former FDC president’s farm.

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