PARIS BASTILLE DAY BOMBER: Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, has been identified as the man who rammed a truck into a crowd on Thursday, July 14 in Nice, France, killing 84 people and injuring hundreds.

Police managed to take the 31-year old Bouhlel ‘out of action’ with a shot to the head and the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the Bastille Day killings, which follows another recent attack in which up to 130 people were killed.

As a result, the state of emergency announced by France has been extended for another three months, and the July 17 and 18 announced for National Mourning.

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Meanwhile, sources in France said that the government has decided to take action, with President Hollande coming out to state that the bombings over Syria will intensify and urging his citizens to stay ‘strong and united’.

French political Journalist Arthur Dute told Eagleonline that he believes the bombing of Syria will not help. He argues that the government should find a way to deal with Syria through its leader Bashar Al Assad as well as closing off all its borders and restricting immigration till further notice as it tries to re-align itself with Syria again.

“I’ve been to Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey and there is no restriction whatsoever on these borderlines…we need to find a way to at least control them,” Mr Dute wrote. He also strongly campaigned against the funding of any form of Islam.

“Unfortunately, all the recent terror attacks have been Islamic related…We must stop following the policy of the US that blows up all countries relations and the government does not want to oppose the Islamic community that uses a lot the stigmatization,” he wrote.

According to Dute, the French government does not want to be dubbed ‘Islamophobic’ which explains the hesitation to declare the recent attack an act of terror carried out on behalf of Islam.


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