President Museveni shares a light moment with Steve Gilchrist (L) president of Polaris Capital power company in Canada. Looking on is Amb. Kananathan and Feizhen Lu, director of Capital Powers during a meeting in New York yesterday. PPU-photo.

Uganda urgently needs affordable renewable energy to ensure access to all, especially for rural communities, President Museveni has said.

“Uganda urgently needs renewable energy. We have been talking about having a plant operational in all the major towns. We shall look at all options including direct investments and through bidding for this to happen,” he said.

The president was meeting a team from Polaris Capital Power led by its President Steve Gilchrist and a Director Feizhen Lu. Polaris Infrastructure is a Toronto-based company engaged in the operation, acquisition and development of renewable energy projects in 180 countries around the world.

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The company is interested in investing in waste management for energy production at landfills in the main cities especially, Kampala.

Gilchrist, a former Member of Parliament in Canada said his company is willing to invest over US$ 70million in renewable energy projects that will create over 45,000 jobs. He said their aim is that after 20 years of well-grounded production, government takes over the projects.

Gilchrist developed a company which has worked with governments in Africa, the Caribbean, South America and Asia to raise awareness of biomass-to-energy power generation opportunities, including a proposed waste-to-energy facility in Ghana and an advanced recycling technology for municipalities in Canada.


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