LEGALLY IN SWEDEN? Ivan Kamyuka with Nina Nyarwaka in Europe.

Ivan Kamyuka, the prime suspect in the murder of socialite Johnie Ahimbisibwe, is at the moment out of the country following his release on bail a few weeks back.

With court yet to give its ruling on the charges which were brought against him, Kamyuka managed to fly out of the country. And, contrary to earlier fears from the public that he had escaped from the country following the news of his arrival in Europe, he says he is in Sweden legally.

“I am not here (Sweden) illegally…..My family is in Sweden. It’s my right to come to Sweden provided I have to ask for permission of court. Some might think I am here (Sweden) illegally. No. I came because I asked for permission from court. It’s not my first time to be in Sweden…I have been to over ten countries in Europe…I am well-travelled,” he says in a video that has been shared on social media.

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On the killing, he says that he regrets Johnnie died but ‘the bad thing is that he can’t be brought back to life’.

“There is a theory called consequential. It states that it is better for the attacker to die than the attacked.” He adds that had it been him who died, it would have hurt the public more than it did when Johnnie passed on. He says that it was Johnnie that attacked him with his wife.

According to him, it all began when Johnnie pushed him. “My wife (Nina) tapped his shoulder and asked him; Why are pushing my husband’? He instead just hit her with a glass in the face.”

He says that at that moment, he pushed him away and pulled his wife to safety. However, he says, Johnnie continued following them with the intention of hitting them.

“Many people around tried pulling him away but their efforts didn’t yield anything.”

While following them, Kamyuka says, he fell. Kamyuka says he was not anywhere near him when he collapsed. Though, he would later find out from CCTV footage that when he pushed him after hitting his wife with a glass, Johnnie had a cut around the neck contrary to reports that he had cut him using a broken glass.

“But don’t get me wrong…I wish Johnnie was alive. I wish we could bring him back to life.”