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‘Meet the Boss’: a niche interface promoted by Uptown Events Solutions

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Is Business slow? Are you still waiting for that window of opportunity that will project your career to a whole new level? Or is the strain of everyday routine finally taking its toll on you and now you second guess yourself? Career choices have you stuck in one place for too long? Well, fret not, for Uptown Events Solutions brings you ‘Meet the Boss’, an event-campaign launched solely for the purpose of bringing together the corporates and business owners of all shades in Uganda with the aim of making their networking and marketing experiences easier.

The brains behind ‘Meet the Boss’.

Indeed, for the corporate individual who might have too busy a schedule to network or socialise, Meet the Boss offers a genuine and stress-free platform to meet, market and learn from those with the same expertise without the usual hustle and expense that defines business.

FEATURED ON MEDIA EDITION: Renowned journalist Simon Kasyate


FEATURED: Saxophonist Michael Kitanda

Started in 2015 by a group of young individuals who felt there was a need for focus on the movers and shakers of Uganda’s economy, with two successful events bagged, The Lawyers and PR editions hosted by ‘Bosses of the Night’ Oscar Kihika (Lawyer) and Henry Rugamba (PRAU President), respectively, Meet the Boss is on the move. The Uptown Events Solutions team will this year hosted Meet the Boss Media Edition, featuring renowned journalist Simon Kasyate as the ‘boss of the night’ and Saxophonist Michael Kitanda serenading the guests in jazz tunes as entertainer .

A recent report released by the International food and Agribusiness management indicated the various problems faced by the Maize industry in Uganda and marketing was one of them. The tourism industry constantly bemoans the lack of adequate advertisement and coverage and daily businesses are shut down and run to the ground due to the lack or insufficient number of customers. The need to bring awareness to one’s brand and what it has to offer is very important for one’s business or career to take flight.

Networking and marketing in business and other social spheres has not only proved to be an essential and effective tool, but a driving force when it comes to the growth, success and expansion of any projects. For example, business networking opens doors for individuals to meet those of the same trade who face the same challenges and obstacles while offering low-cost marketing opportunities that connect various business owners and decision makers on a more personal level. In so, doing individuals learn and connect with those at the top of their game while providing a conducive environment for the birth of new ideas and solutions to the major challenges faced in today’s economy and society including creation of personal ties that might result into future joint ventures.

“It really helps a lot especially for us business people who have no time to promote our businesses online; it is very important to network in this day and age, you never know what you can learn from a fellow businessman,” says Rajab Sibirimana, the CEO of Money Hub, a local money lending outfit in Kampala and one of the sponsors of the event.  The theme of these events is ‘professionalism’ and through profiling ‘Meet the Boss’ celebrates various professionals and their various achievements.

“We want to promote the concept of existential marketing and an interface where people can begin to appreciate the intrinsic value of our youth and what they are capable of achieving,” says Philbert Kagangure Mwebembezi, the Operations Director at Uptown Events Solutions.

With a foot in almost all fields of expertise Meet the Boss hopes to focus on real estate as another major key area with potential to birth economic growth on a considerable scale. The company launched its first magazine on December 6 this year.

“In five years’ time we are hopefully going to be ‘the best experiential and marketing company in Uganda” Mwebembezi says.

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