Milton Allimadi, a son to former Obote II Prime Minister Eric Otema Allimadi, has urged the US administration of President Donald Trump to stop giving military aid to Uganda.

According to Mr Allimadi, successive US governments since 1986 when President Yoweri Museveni came to power have spent US$21 billion on supporting Uganda’s military to support the government of ‘a mass killer’ (President Museveni).

The younger Allimadi, the Editor of US-based Black Star News, said he petitioned Mr Trump after he watched a documentary, ‘A Brilliant Genocide’, a documentary he says, ‘focuses on the largely unreported crimes committed first by the Ugandan army (first as the National Resistance Army or NRA and later as the Uganda People’s Defense Force, or UPDF) against civilians in the northern part of Uganda, including the Acholi people’.

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“Gen. Museveni has used U.S. money and training to entrench his regime in power and commit crimes against Ugandan civilians in all parts of the country. Some of the most notorious massacres have been committed in Kasese, Corner Kilak, Mukura (where victims were roasted alive in railway wagons), Karamoja, and in Buganda over the Kayunja-crisis. No part of the country has been spared.”

According to Mr Allimadi, he wants the US to enforce three things against Mr Museveni’s regime; ‘immediately cut off arms supplies and any military and non-humanitarian support; take steps to ensure that the perpetrators of crimes committed by the Museveni regime, including Gen. Museveni himself, face justice, (just as the US has demanded that Joseph Kony and his associates face justice); use diplomatic pressure and sanctions to force the Ugandan government to compensate victims of all atrocities committed by Museveni’s regime, including the killing of relatives and loss of property such as land and livestock throughout Uganda’.

However, contacted for comment, Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said: “ First, I don’t know him (Milton Allimadi) and I think he is looking for relevance; many Ugandans don’t know him. I think he is trying to enter Uganda media space using this. The US has capacity to monitor their aid and they have been doing that. That Genocide is what Olara Otunnu has been talking about; Obote talked about and it is blackmail,” Mr Opondo said on phone.

The young Allimadi is a son to Eric Otema Allimadi (RIP), a former Prime Minister who served under the Obote II government which was also accused of abusing human rights between December 1980 and July 1985.


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