POSTPONED UK VISIT: US President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been forced to postpone his state visit to Britain following mounting controversy over the trip, according to reports.

The US President expressed concerns about his visit, which had been planned for June, during a phone call with Theresa May last month.

The visit is now expected to take place from 5 to 8 October, in an attempt to avoid mass protests.

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A senior Government source said: “Trump still really wants to come this year but he wants the heat to die down a bit first. The White House don’t want to create a scene for our sake either.”

Mr Trump’s advisers and senior Foreign Office figures are now engaged in talks on how to save the controversial visit.

It comes after Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police chief, said he had concerns about the state visit given the level of protests expected.

Lindsey German, speaking for the Stand Up to Trump movement, said that the protests would be the biggest since 300,000 people came out to demonstrate against George W Bush’s UK visit in 2003.

Last night President Trump delivered a more optimistic and presidential tone as he addressed Congress for the first time.

He voiced support for NATO while at the same time reiterating his call for partner countries to meet their financial obligations to the military alliance.

The words will be welcomed by Mrs May who, after meeting Mr Trump at the White House in January, confirmed that the President had given his 100 percent backing to NATO.