SCARY ARRIVAL: Dr. Stella Nyanzi arriving at CID headquarters in Kibuli early last month.

Celebrated Makerere University researcher Stella Nyanzi, who was last week summoned by CID for interrogation over her posts on social media, has finally turned up amidst cheers from fans that have been waiting for her since 9am.

Though, she didn’t turn up dressed as many had anticipated.

“Perhaps I will visit my tailor tomorrow and order her to make for me a new tight mini-skirt with the longest slit at the front that will expose my juicy brown-skinned thighs. I will also borrow a tighter wonder-bra from my young sister, to hike up my adult breasts so that the nipples on my tutus are re-modeled to be saluting the CID boys throughout the interview,” Nyanzi wrote.

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However, she turned up dressed casually in a red ‘kitengi’.

Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima told media that Dr. Nyanzi is to be interrogated on a case related to Offensive Communication and Cyber Harassment.

“This women’s month, the interrogators at the Criminal Investigations Department are going to poke and prod me about my critique, musings and rantings on my social media platforms. If Janet Kataaha Museveni and her ilk think that threatening me with interrogations will cower me into silence, I laugh at the folly of their dark humour.

Unless these useless powerful women use their might to dig out my voice box and cut off my tongue, I will continue speaking out about the plight they have reduced Ugandans to. And if they crash my voice box and slash out my tongue, I will continue to write and type my critique of their regime’s wanton abuses. Short of killing me, nothing will silence me. Getting a continuous supply of the promised sanitary pads is a lot more useful than CID interrogations,” the outspoken activist and feminist said.

Dr. Nyanzi says the particular post that rubbed the authorities the wrong way is one where she criticized the First Lady, Janet Museveni’s declaration that there was no money to buy sanitary pads for school going girls as earlier promised by her husband, Yoweri Museveni during last year’s presidential campaigns.

Dr. Nyanzi first came to public attention when she took on renowned Professor Mahmood Mamdani, the Director of Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR), accusing him of harassment.

In the ensuing scenarios that almost affected the smooth running of the university, Dr, Nyanzi undressed and chained herself to the door of her office, setting off a scene that sent many, including the police to scamper.