Singer Maggie Kayima popularly known as Nabbi Omukazi has warned her former boss and fiancé, ‘pastor’ Yiga of the ‘Abizayo’ fame to stop making her a topic on his TV station.

In a scathing statement, a seemingly furious Kayima warned Yiga that if he doesn’t leave her alone, “I’ll be forced to fight back and I promise you, you won’t live to tell the tale cause you know how far I can go,” reads part of her statement.

She is responding to recent remarks apparently made by Yiga on his ABS TV. While in ABS TV, Yiga claimed the reason why Kayima was recently involved in an accident was because she was reluctant to apologise to him.

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However, Kayima dismissed the claims as entirely lies.

“Stop telling lies to your followers by simply clinging on the light misfortunes happening to me….. A person called a prophet is not your fellow human and you know it very well – I am not easy. “She wrote.

Adding “If I managed to survive Aids after being with someone (Yiga) for eight years, you tried to put me down with your “kalondoozi” videos but it still failed. I recently survived a nasty accident, which was much worse. If I survived all of that, you ought to leave me alone because I am not your level. Never joke with an anointed person.”

She vowed never to apologise to him for leaving his Revival Band, saying “the day I come back to you is the day you’ll prove to us that your powerful and to be honest, I don’t see that ever happening, never. You will remain what you are and what you have always been weak.”




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