OLD? Zuena Kirema (circled) during the beauty pageant in 2001

Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema celebrated her 30th year birthday yesterday, but unlike the previous years when her husband  gave her birthday gifts like cars, this time he decided to get inked with her name around the neck.

Zuena is indeed happy with the ‘gift’ and posted on Facebook.  “And he decides to ink my name on his neck..yippeee. Am truly loved, What more can I ask for on my birthday…thank you for loving me book.”

However, her age has caused a storm on social media as many of her fans believe she is lying about her age.

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Shadruck G William Last three years I heard 30yrs and still 30yrs?!


Mwan Ika Jonah May be 30 years since she lost virginity


Namulondo Hawa Naye Nawe Lwaki Temwagala Kula 30yrs Hmm.Kale


Barbie Nazziwa Kino kika…nyabo 30….hihihiiii


Julie Penny She cant be 30. I’ve grown up seeing her.


Indeed fans have a reason to think Zuena is lying about her age; she  contested in the 2001 Miss Uganda pageant and emerged winner of Miss Uganda Eastern region. This was after she beat all other contestants in Jinja to the prize.

However, for one to contest for in the Miss Uganda pageant, she has to be between 18 years and 25 year, and assuming Zuena was 18 in 2001, she would be 34 today.

Also, claiming she is 30 years means she gave birth to her first born, Alpha Thiery when she was just 16 years or that she contested for Miss Uganda when she was just 13 years. Alpha is only a few months away from turning 14 years old.

This could be the reason why one of the fans called for the arrest of Bebe Cool.

Agaba Ian Omega Ok that means Bebe should have been arrested for defiling her coz its like 15 years ago since they have been together. An arrest warrant for you Bebe Cool, one Agaba Ian Omega wrote..


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