UPC (Akena faction) Spokesperson Michael Osinde Orach. Photo/chimpreports

The Uganda Peoples Congress has implored the ministry of labor to vet international companies that export Ugandans to Arab countries.

At a weekly press conference held at the party headquarters ahead of Labour Day on May 1, UPC spokesperson Michael Osinde Orach, urged the government to review its laws and procedures under which the companies are awarded with the operating licenses.

“Many registered companies recruit and ferry Ugandans to Arab countries for casual work promising them hefty amounts of money depending on the kinds of jobs they will do. However their employers turn around to exploit, torture, rape and some of them are killed for small mistakes,” Mr. Orach said.

Unfortunately, Mr Orach said, some Ugandan employers also abuse their workers while the ministry does not pick interest in the cases.

“This day (Labour Day) should act as a reminder for the ministry to check and correct its mistakes and stop operating from offices and move to the field.

He however lauded some ministry officials who intervened when two workers were killed by a collapsing crane at the Tororo cement factory.