Presenter VJ Junior ( in green T-shirt) with his one time co-presenter DJ Shiru.

Bukedde TV movie translator, VJ Junior real names Marysmats Matovu spent last night in jail over production and distribution of pornographic materials contrary to the anti-pornographic law.

Junior was arrested yesterday along with a friend, one Geoffrey Bbosa, and the two were taken to Police CIID headquarters in Kibuli.

Here, they were read the Anti-Pornography Act, and were also showed some of the pornographic movies they allegedly produced or translated and have audio commentary done by VJ Junior.

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Available information indicates that the two were also producing, making and circulating movies that have not been approved by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and Uganda Media Council despite earlier warning from the latter.

Police, sources say, now wants to use Junior to help in the arrest of others engaging in similar business.

Junior is not the first to be arrested over production and distribution of pornography; in 2014, police arrested renowned music producer, Didi Muchwa over the production of music video featuring nude ladies dancing erotically.

Radio and TV presenter, Ssenga Justine Nantume was also arrested last year over production and distribution of pornographic materials.