Over 20 tycoons who are in court battling a case involving over 200 acres of land allegedly belonging to Gertrude Nakiyimba in Ntende, Wakiso, were absolved of any culpability in land-grabbing by the authorities.

Prominent among the tycoons cited in the alleged land-grabbing is Gordon Wavamunno and his brother Jack Wavamunno; James Musinguzi Garuga among others.

But in a May 6, 2014 letter to the Commandant of the Land Protection Police Unit under the CIID, the then Commissioner for Land Registration Sarah Kulaata Basangwa, said the MRV 152, Folio 12 ceased to exist on February 7, 1962 and that any ownership claims had to be proven by claimants like Ms. Nakiyimba.

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‘Whereas it is correct that this land at one time was registered in the names of Daudi Kasimbazi under the title known as Mailo Register Volume 152, Folio 12, the said person is no longer the registered proprietor,’ Ms Kulaata’s letter reads in part.

She added: ‘The title known as Mailo Register Volume 152 Folio 12 was converted to Busiro Block 453, Plot 5 on 7th February 1962. At that point in time, the MRV title became a closed Register and no further entries could be entered thereon. Closing of that Register is provided for under section 32 of the Registration of Titles Act.’

According to Ms. Kulaata Basangwa, issues of the said land were to resurrect 32 years later, in 1995, when the Administrator General was enjoined as an Administrator of the estate of the late Daudi Kasimbazi.  Interestingly, the name of Gertrude Nakiyimba does not appear anywhere on official documentation, until another  44 years since 1962, when her nephew Joseph Kanaabo claims the title was given to him in 2006.

‘From 1917, the MRV title currently held by Gertrude Nakiyimba does not appear until 2006 when the nephew Joseph Kanaabo claims that it was given to him. And this title only appears after the original administrators of the estate have died’, one of those involved with the matter told The EagleOnline, on condition of anonymity.

‘The above was the ownership from nineteen seventeen to nineteen sixty two. After microfilming and archiving, transactions continued to be registered on this land. I cannot guarantee that the ownership is still the same. Therefore, I advise you to search the correct ownership and the history of any other transaction that could have taken place,’ Ms Kulaata Basangwa quotes a Report issued earlier from the Surveys and mapping Department.


The said land in Ntende was registered in the names of Daudi Kasimbazi in 1917 under a title known as Mailo Register Volume 152, Folio 12. Kasimbazi died on 11/8/1959, and was succeeded by Daudi Mukasa, after which the Kabaka’s government intervened and on 30/9/1959, and distributed the said land.

Beneficiaries to the said land included Samwiri Mukasa Kityo Sekulya (108.88acres); Eriyasafu Kanabo Kimanje (65 acres) and 10 acres for the Bibanja holders.

Other beneficiaries included Daudi Mukasa (25 acres); Yowana Kabula (5 acres); and the ancestral land (Butaka) was allocated 15. 35 acres to be ‘controlled by Daudi Mukasa and the heads of Ssiga, Kasolya and Mutuba’.


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