REMOVED NECK BRACE: Comedian Godfrey Seguya aka Kayibanda at Nsambya Hospital


Veteran comedian, Godfrey Seguya popularly known as Kayibanda was last week admitted to Nsambya Hospital after being beaten to near death by thugs.

Luckily, doctors did all they could and his life was saved. However, for the past few days he has had to live with a neck brace over injuries that he sustained from the attack.

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But that is not the gist of the story; the latest news is that he fled the hospital where he had been admitted and ended up at ‘Pastor’ Samuel Kakande’s church, in search for a ‘miracle’. Indeed, prior to the ‘miracle’, Kayibanda had entered the church walking with a limp and wearing the neck brace.


And as expected, ‘the miracle was served’ instantly and interestingly, Kayibanda didn’t even have to first buy the ‘miracle rice or water’!

With just two words ‘be healed’, the Bukedde TV presenter was all smiles, and on the orders of Kakande, he comfortably took off his neck brace and took a walk at the front of the church attracting cheers from the congregation.

Having been healed thanks to the ‘Miracle’, Kayibanda will soon be back on the airwaves.

Any message for him?