Pastor Mondo Mugisha

Renowned city ‘Pastor’Franklin Mondo Mugisha is currently enmeshed in a child neglect misunderstanding with a one Sarah Naigaga, who says she is the mother of his six-year old child.

Ms. Nagaiga says for a while, Mondo had been looking after the child till recently when he stopped and even refused picking her calls. Apparently, Mondo had pledged to provide for the child as long as she never took it to his church. “He told me he never wanted the kid to be seen by his flock but he would be providing for him and it was okay with me…….” she said.

And left with no other option, Naigaga says she went to the church but that unlike the previous times, this time Mondo started beating her up with the help of his bouncers.

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“He no longer wants to pick my calls… He blocked all of my phones. Even when I try calling him using other people’s phones, he picks but ends the call as soon as he hears my voice on the other end. Now, how else can I hear from him other than going to (his) church?” Naigaga wondered.

After the alleged beating, Naigaga said police from Wankulukuku was called in and she was arrested on allegations of threatening to burn Mondo’s church.

Naigaga said when she went to report an assault case to Katwe Police Station, she found that a parallel case had already opened up against her by Mondo. He had even expressed doubts about being the father of Naigaga’s child. “If the child is not his, then why did he name the child (after himself)”?

She is now demanding for a DNA test if Mondo insists he is not responsible for fathering the child.

When reached for a comment, Mondo did not pick our calls neither has he returned our message on Facebook where he has been active all day.

Mondo is not the first pastor to be accused of neglecting his children.

‘Pastor’ Augustine Yiga was also taken to court in 2015 when he refused to remit monthly maintenance fee of Shs150,000 to a woman he allegedly raped and fathered a child with as she sought to be prayed for at his church.

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