Scenes of the brawl between MPs Bernard Atiku and Ibrahim Abiriga at Parliament

Ayivu County MP Bernard Atiku has apologised to Ugandans and fellow legislators over ‘misconduct’ at Parliament, following a brawl he had with his Arua Municipality counterpart Col. Ibrahim Abiriga.

Yesterday the two legislators exchanged blows at the entrance of the parliamentary chambers over the controversial lifting of the presidential age limit, ostensibly to pave the way for President Yoweri Museveni to contest for presidency in 2021, when aged over 75.

“I am sorry for whatever happened yesterday, I was dishonorable and unexpected,” Atiku said in an interview at Parliament, adding however, that Abiriga   provoked him.

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“I had to reply him in the same behavior,” Atiku said adding that at one time in Arua, Abiriga pulled an AK47 rifle on him.

“From way back Abiriga has been attacking me with strong words. Same thing happened yesterday in the corridors of parliament,” Atiku said, adding: “When you see a mad person throwing stones at you; if you keep running he will continue.”

He further noted that once the debate is open for discussion, they shall engage according to the facts at hand.

The private members bill that is aimed at lifting the presidential cap of 75 years is expected to be tabled tomorrow by the Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi.


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