Lucky Dube

The thing about crime is that it hits when we least expect it, and it has a tendency of leaving us feeling shattered.

In history, tomorrow is a day one of Africa’s best or if not the best singer Lucky Dube, was murdered in cold blood by materialistic criminal gangs in South Africa. In 2007, Lucky Dube was killed in a botched hijacking, and all his killers wanted was just a vehicle! Dube will be making 10 years tomorrow since he was brutally brought down by an assassin bullet.

To Africans Lucky Dube was a comrade, and the pain of losing him wasn’t only felt by his immediate family but all humanity felt the pain, given that he met death from the same criminals he sung about.

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Lucky Dube, whose lyrics played the airwaves in the 1980s, 1990s and even 2000s, sung about inequality in society and above all his songs energized the oppressed to soldier on. In liberations, several factors matter and in the case of Southern Africa and in particular South Africa, Dube’s music was a key factor in demobilizing the Apartheid regime.

He particularly sung about the unity of a new unity government in South Africa after the release of iconic Nelson Mandela. Lucky Dube also thrilled other African countries among them Uganda, which will forever remember him, just like he sang in his ‘Remember Me’.

Indeed, Lucky Dube used to move audiences at the then Nile Hotel (Serena Hotel) he almost brought down Nelson Mandela Stadium, Namboole, as he truly represented Madiba.

Lucky Dube, you are the unsung hero of African liberation and we truly remember you.

Rest in Peace.