Begin booking flights to avoid last minute cancellations

By Cynthia Tumwine


November is here, which means Christmas holidays are right around the corner. The Philly Bongole Lutaaya and Boney M music has already started playing in some shops across town and the grasshoppers are back! People are constantly looking at their calendars, counting down the days when they’ll be able to take time off work and spend time with their loved ones.

Festive season necessities

For the international residents, this is when they start making their flight bookings to return back home. Christmas season is an amazing time: families get together, companies plan massive end of year parties and it is the time of giving so it is characterised by a lot of shopping and everyone is generally taking stock of what they did with their lives all through the year. A quick piece of advice: whatever it is you need, whether transport upcountry, flights, hotels, clothes, gadgets (gifts in general) buy or book them while it’s still early because the prices always skyrocket during the festive season.

The swimming pool at Paraa Safari Lodge


Vacations in Uganda are slowly becoming popular with people planning to head out to upcountry Getaways such as Chobe, Paraa, Mweya and Kidepo; while there are those who prefer to fly out the country to Mombasa, Zanzibar, and Dubai, which are some of the most popular travel destinations currently. Speaking of which, you can now get the best rates in town on flights on Jumia Travel. The online site allows you to put in your flight dates and gives you the flight options from the different airlines at the best prices. It also shows the fastest one, so now you don’t have to call several agencies looking for the best deal!

All this being said, it’s time to dust off the Christmas tree and get the lights out. For hotel options across the country do not hesitate to visit Jumia Travel today. The season to be merry is here and hopefully you have a lot to celebrate!


The author is the PR Manager Jumia Food and Travel