The Kamuswaga Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli Lwampanja

The Kamuswaga Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli Lwampanja has called on the people of Kooki to embrace culture and unite in a bid to foster development.

Speaking on Saturday, on the sidelines of the Ezigati, an annual cultural festival to recognize the heritage and potential of his kingdom, the Kamuswaga noted that Kooki was resource-rich and that the people need roads to be able to transport their produce to markets elsewhere.

Consequently, the Kamuswaga said he had agreed with the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to construct a road network in Kooki, in exchange for the money he is supposed to be compensated for his land that will be acquired by the roads agency.

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FULL OF JOY: The lady who won the top prize, a motorcycle

Earlier in the day, he had hosted pupils and students from 21 schools across the kingdom to attend and perform at the Ezigati.

The ‘Winner of the night’ poses with one of the singers who performed at the Ezigati

Later in the evening older people from all walks of life joined the all-night long fete that climaxed with a lottery in which a lady won herself a motorcycle. Other winners of the night walked away with bicycles, phones and a host of other prizes.

One of the singers who performed at Ezigati hands over a bicycle to one of the winners

The glamorous fete, attended by almost all top officials of the kingdom, was spiced up by a number of entertainers among them the Golden Band, whose star performers like Stecia Mayanja and MC Mariach kept the revelers on their toes.

Meanwhile, on Christmas Day the Obwa’Kamuswaga will host children from Kooki to a treat, at a function organized by the Omugo under her children’s charity, the Bwowe Royal Children’s Development Fund that is headed by educationist Margaret Namata Lugalambi.

According to Ms. Namata Lugalambi, Bwowe was launched in October 2016, and is aimed at helping disadvantaged children in the Kooki kingdom.

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