Cohen with the lady who stabbed him. This was before the fight)

Before the public could come to terms with the death of Johnnie Ahimbisibwe who was stabbed to death at Club Guvnor two years ago, another fight in which a reveler was injured, broke out at Kampala’s premium hangout joint.

Cohen with a friend in Guvnor recently

According to revelers, on Saturday an argument broke out between a one Andreas Cohen and a lady whose names are still unknown. The late night altercation degenerated into a fight and before the two could be separated, Cohen had been stabbed with a broken bottle.

Fortunately, Cohen was lucky enough there was an ambulance outside, and he successfully made it to Nakasero Hospital where is still being hospitalized and his life out of danger.

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It ought to be remembered that in 2015, Johnnie Ahimbisibwe bled to death after allegedly being stabbed with a piece of broken glass by one Ivan Kamyuka Kalyesubula, in an almost similar scenario at the same Club.

Meanwhile, the unidentified lady involved in Saturday’s bar brawl was arrested and detained.



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