IN THE NEWS FOR THE WRONG REASONS? Entebbe International Airport

A little known politician in Eastern Uganda has gone on a property buying spree in Kampala and Wakiso after he reportedly ‘engineered’ a con move in which ‘investors’ of Asian origin were conned of US$2 million (approximately Shs7 billion).

According to sources, the flamboyant politician, who has since also put up a multi-million bungalow in his village, enlisted the services of a city comedian who is popular with his skit of mimicking a very important person in Uganda, to execute the bogus deal that also reportedly involved some operatives at Entebbe International Airport.

According to sources, the comedian was told to perfect the voice of the VIP in a bid to dupe the unsuspecting ‘investors’, after which the latter reportedly boarded a plane and headed for Uganda.

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However, the sources said that before arriving at Entebbe, the investors were diverted to Nairobi where they reportedly met two men who ‘escorted’ them to Uganda.

According to the sources, upon reaching Entebbe Airport, the investors were told to hand over ‘everything’ in their possession to some two people believed to be operatives, who then drove off with the booty in a vehicle with official number plates. The sources told this website that the bags contained the alleged money the investors had come with for investment.

During that time, the sources said, the investors remained stranded at immigration as they waited to be ‘officially cleared’, only to be told they had no ‘official invitation’ to Uganda.

Efforts by the investors to get back into the country to have the fraudsters arrested has hit a snag, the sources said, as the latter are reportedly ‘well connected’ with those that are supposed to investigate them.

But even then, after the information leaked, the politician who serves as a district chairperson of one of the strong political parties in Uganda, and his accomplices, have since gone into hiding.