Police Chief Okoth Ochola

Kampala: The inspector general of police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola has urged Ugandans to remain calm on top of the shooting numbers of kidnaps manifested in the country noting despite making various arrests, the situation is under control there is no cause of alarm.

His statement follows the recent shooting numbers of kidnaps, torture and trampling of victims to death in various areas across the country as assailants demand for ransom, citing the disbanded frying squared, police pokes person Emilian Kayima said some security officers are involved in the mass rooming kidnaps.

Speaking to journalists at police headquarters Naguru Ochola said in the last four months, 42 cases have been reported and investigated however Of the 42 cases, 15 were involved in murder, 10 cases were of self-kidnap he added that eight victims were rescued alive as seven victims went missing.

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“We have established a 24/7 emergency Centre in which cases of kidnap must be reported immediately, the toll free numbers which the public can call when someone is kidnapped, they are 0800199990, 0800199991and 0800199992,” he revealed.

He revealed that some of the captured suspects have connections with anonymous terrorists groups working around to destabilize peace however said suspects will be suffocated by Ugandan laws.

He noted that police has increased patrols in the country with stepped up joint operations to pursue these suspects and we have improved intelligence to avoid any further incidents.

He subsequently urged Ugandans to take action against police officers who arrest suspects without arrest warrants.

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