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State of the national address: President Museveni has implored both national and international investors to assemble or manufacture solar water pumps in Uganda for thriving of irrigation farming.

Speaking at Kampala Serena Conference this evening Museveni said, Ugandans don’t know how to develop their country, they import everything starting form carpets, agricultural equipment to shoes adding that this is how thy donate money to others.

“We need investors who will assemble or manufacture solar water pumps to avail jobs to Ugandans as we boost both agricultural and industrial sector as the economy grows,” he said in the State of the Nation Address.

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Adding “The issue that is stopping Uganda from attaining middle income status is because of importing more and exporting little. Dear Ugandans please buy Uganda, build Uganda and stop spending money on medical tourism, be treated in Uganda,” he noted.

According to Museveni, Ugandan farmers are not using fertilizers due to high costs; he however, revealed that there is a fertilizer plant that is being constructed in Tororo, Sukuru area with over 230 metric tons of phosphate that will be turned into fertilizers to cut costs.

“It’s time to put back replenishments in the soil, we are looking for additional investor to formulate NPK fertilizer, for agriculture production to go up by 30 per cent,” he added.

Museveni noted that in the next financial year of 2018/19, government will invest in irrigation farming starting from Kibimba, Doho, Naigomwa, and Nabigaga among other swamps for thriving of rice growing in Uganda.

“What can hinder Uganda’s agricultural sector when we have opened all roads leading to market centers, we have power for processing of agricultural produce and in various districts except Kabongo and Buvuma,”

“I don’t accept to live with neighbours that are stuck in poverty, you might think that you’re politicians and you are clever but God will ask you, ‘‘Why did you live with those poor neighbours?” That’s why for me I started operation wealth creation to elevate Ugandans from poverty,”

He called upon legislators to take him as an example and establish demonstrational farms to teach their electorates just as he does on his (Museveni) farm that is situated at Kiwuumu in Luwero district.