Amos Nzeyi

The Land Commission of inquiry has summoned the gentleman who sold the Tamangalo land to city business Amos Nzeyi.
Yesterday Tuesday August 28, the chairperson of the commission, Justice Catherine Bamugemererie said she had summoned Abass Mawanda to appear today.
“Abbas Mawanda should appear tomorrow (Wednesday) without fail,” she directed. Nzeyi appeared before the same commission and alleges that Mr Mawanda is the one who sold him the land in question between 1988 and 1993.

“Abbas Mawanda should appear tomorrow (Wednesday) without fail,” she directed.

Documents show that on March 10, 2008, National Social Security Fund (NSSF) purchased 463.87 acres of private mailo land in six parcels from two vendors: Nzeyi and Arma Limited, a company linked to former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

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Bamugemereire was prompted to issue the directive after deputy lead counsel John Bosco Suuza explained that Mawanda had reported being unwell.

Also early this month, a Canadian-Asian family petitioned the commission, claiming ownership of 366.2 acres of the land.

Nazim Moosa testified that his parents, Mohammed Hassnali Moosa (died 1997) and Sherbanu Hassnali Moosa, owned Temangalo Tea Estate Limited (TTEL).

Nazim says the family left Uganda in 1972 when then-president Idi Amin expelled Asians.

According to a timeline of the land title, on February 24, 1922, the land was registered in the name of Daniel Ssaku.

while on July 17, 1944, it was transferred in the name Daniel Daniel Ssaku Mugwanya (senior). On October 19, 1944, there was a lease granted to Frederick George Tolbert.

Afterward on August 7, 1959, the lease was extended for 49 years in favour of TTEL. The lease was due for expiry in 2003. On October 23, 1983, one Hajji Ahmed Keeya registered interest on the land and lodged a caveat, saying he bought the land from Daniel Mugwanya Kato at sh500, 000.

The caveat indicated that Mugwanya senior had agreed to sell the land to Keeya. Mugwanya senior reportedly authorised the transaction, prior to his demise.On June 29, 1987, the land was transferred, and duly registered in the name Abbas Mawanda.

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