An errant business woman, Nnalongo Nana has stormed Protea Hotel as the State Minister of State for Finance, Planning and Economic Development, David Bahati and other officials discussed Ugandan tax policies.
The meeting that was organised by Action for Development and Evironment (ACODE) and aimed at discussing tax policies and paving way for increase in the amount of money that is collected by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).
Nnalongo who runs a shop on Ntinda Shopping Centre expressed her vigor, anger, fatigue and attitude around taxation policies in the country saying she is fed of misusing their taxes.

Video credit, Samwise Gamgee.
“We are angry people, I pay taxes only to watch these kinds of meetings on television, who did you invite? You can’t sit in these nice rooms at the expense of our taxes,” she said
She said, government should stop wasting their money by paying televisions to air impactful meeting, “what can we do, what can we do? What can we do? What can we do? We are fed-up”
The former Minister for Ethic Miria Matembe tried to intervene saying ‘Lekyeraho mwana wanje’ which loosely mean ‘End here my daughter’; however the woman declined and continued oscillating from one side to another of the hotel room.
She also said Ugandans feared until there is nothing left.

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