StrongMinds Exectuive Director Dena Batrice

To mark World Mental Health Day on October 10, StrongMinds is launching an awareness campaign dubbed “30 Days of Good Mental Health” in Uganda.

The campaign will see the local media carry mental health tips and messages, beginning on World Mental Health Day and ending shortly after Uganda’s own Mental Health Day celebrations on November 10, according to Daniel, according to officials.

On October 17, Daniel Onyanya, the StongMinds Program manager, will appear on Capital FM, during a special edition of its leading health show- Capital Doctor. He will appear with other StrongMinds representatives to talk about mental health including raising awareness, tackling stigma and support for listeners to improve their own mental health.

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According to Onyanya, the radio campaign will be supported by a series of social media graphics that can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to help raise awareness about the importance of good mental health among Ugandans using the hashtag #MakeStrongMinds.

The public and supporters of the campaign are encouraged to Sign Up for more information on the StrongMinds Facebook page or at

Speaking in Kampala, Dena Batrice, Executive Director of StrongMinds Uganda, said: “Mental Health is an important and very overlooked issue in Uganda. We want to get the message out that everyone deserves to have good mental health and that treatment services are available for those who are struggling with their mental health. Reaching out and seeking help is a sign of tremendous strength — not a weakness.”

Using radio and social media, the ’30 Days of Good Mental Health’ campaign will be broadcasting lots of really important messages and helpful guidance on how Ugandans can support their own path towards good mental health.

“We want to help Ugandans learn more about mental health including the importance of practicing and using healthy coping techniques to deal with life’s common stresses and challenges. However, most importantly, we want to use this campaign to give information and courage to those who might be struggling and need to seek help,” the official said.

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