LH Demand Letter Premier Rec.

M/S Premier Recruitments Limited is in search of Ugandan to be taken to United Arab Emirates (UEA) for well-paying jobs as packaging helpers (30), labour supervisors (15) and warehouse supervisor (5).

The required Ugandans are to work for White Star Repackaging and Refiling Services LLC which has promised to offer the workers better working conditions.

Salaries range from Shs1.8 million for packaging helpers, Shs2.5 million for labour supervisors and between Shs3.5 –Shs4 million for warehouse supervisors.

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All the jobs are offered on a two year-contract but only those not less than 22 years and not more than 35 years qualify for the jobs. Those interested are requested to visit M/S Premier Recruitments on Crane Chambers (Entrance B) on Kampala Road.

Food, accommodation and transport are provided by White Star Repackaging and Refiling Services LLC. It also provides employment visa. The company gives workers 20 days leave and gives a return ticket after the worker completes a calendar year. Most of the terms and conditions are given as per the UAE labour laws.

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