Solomon Sserwanja

Police continues with the hunting for NBS TV’s senior investigative News reporter and anchor, Solomon Sserwanja over 14 boxes of government medicine including Hepatitis drugs that are averred to been found at his home.

According to inside sources, the boxes allegedly found at Sserwanja’s home were apparently a setup as due to the internal fights at Ministry of Health where Sserwanja’s wife works. It is allegedly that the fight has been intense as some top officials wanted her out of the job.

Last night security operatives carried out an operation that led to the raiding of his home however, he was not in the house and has since they nabbed his wife Vivian Nakaliika Serwanjja.

Speaking at central police station (CPS), Kampala metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the arrest Vivian Nakaliika Serwanjja, BBC journalist Kassim Mohammed and cameraman Godfrey Badebye who are detained at CPS.

“We have since contacted him (Serwanjja) and said he is coming. We are waiting for him to clarify on government drugs that were found in his house and a number of other issues,” he said adding that of yet no charges have been leveled against them.

Journalist tasked him to explain why they police is hunting for him yet they have his wife in the custody who can properly explain to them on how the medicine came to be in their house.

According to impeccable sources, and BBC journalist have been working on a security related story and abuse of power processes in this country.