Eng. Silver Mugisha and Arnaud Durand from BRL Ingeniere.
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The National Water and Sewerage Corporation has revealed plans to serve over 1 million people in Isingiro, Mbarara, Masaka and the surrounding areas with clean safe water, sanitation services and water for production and agriculture.

Speaking at the contract signing ceremony for 120 million Euros for South Western Cluster water and sanitation development project, NWSC Managing Director, Eng. Silver Mugisha said the project when complete will address the water supply challenges in Isingiro, Mbarara, Masaka and the surrounding areas.

“We have had a long standing water challenge in the mentioned towns. Working with the government of Uganda, Ministry of Water and Environment, Ministry of Finance and other development partners, we secured funding to implement the project. The detailed designs of the project are ongoing and work will start in August 2020 for a period of two years.” Eng. Mugisha said

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Dr. Silver added that the corporation has secured more 70 million Euros for a distribution network to various parts of the districts

“The dual project, first of the kind will also provide water for production and agriculture using the same massive intake that will be installed along river Kagera on the Uganda-Tanzania border. I caution the contractors to empathize with the people suffering in this corridor and deliver the project on time.” he said

NWSC Corporation Secretary and Deputy Managing Director Board Affairs Ms Edith Kateete appreciated the support from the government, Ministry of Water and Environment and other stakeholders that have significantly contributed towards the success of the project.

Eng. Alex Gisagara the Director Engineering services at NWSC said the project is the first of the kind in water and sanitation infrastructure in Uganda.

“We are installing a massive intake along river Kagera to abstract over 680 million liters of water per day. This is the first size of abstraction the corporation has ever attempted to do. We shall then pump water 70 kilometers to Mbarara, provide water for agriculture, augment supply in Masaka among other benefits.” he said.

Project technical supervisors, Eng. Phillippe Vullien and the director Arnaud Durand from BRL Ingeniere vowed to deliver the project within stipulated time.

Picture: Silver Mugisha and Arnaud Durand from BRL Ingeniere