Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng

Cabinet has approved the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Bill, 2019 aimed at facilitating the provision of accessible, affordable acceptable and quality healthcare services to citizens.

The bill seeks to maintain high standard of healthcare delivery services under the scheme, improve and harness private sector participation in the provision of healthcare services. It is also aimed at ensuring that residents have access to equitable and affordable healthcare services which.

According to Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng, since 2002, discussions on the bill have been in the process, 17 years of drafting, discussions and negotiations and engagements.

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“It’s a great step forward for the health sector. The bill can now be gazette and sent to Parliament for debate, amendments and approval for enactment into law. It is envisaged that the NHIS will reduce catastrophic expenditure on health that leads to impoverishment of many households that cannot afford health care,” minister Acheng said.

The minister said the bill will regulate the cost of healthcare services and ensure equitable distribution of costs among the different income groups. She said health insurance would be implemented as a complementary mechanism of healthcare financing.

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