Cholera was declared in Bududa recently



As part of its strategic plan to prevent Cholera outbreaks in Bududa District, Eastern Uganda, the Ministry of Health is vaccinating over 50,000 individuals in 22 parishes that are comprised of 207 villages in the district, according to the latest press release.

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Bududa District is currently facing an active cholera outbreak after heavy rains hit the district causing landslides that caused some deaths and uprooted latrines carrying faeces into the water streams used by the population.

According to the ministry, the outbreak is being responded to effectively by the resilient and determined health workforce.

The vaccination will be carried out in the parishes of: Busiliwa, Bushiyi, Bumwalukani, Saskusaku, Bumwalye, Bumasata, Bunambatsu, Bushunya, Bumusenyi, Banamanda, Buwashi, Bunandutu, Bunatsmya, Bulobi, Maaba, Shihulusi, Bumakhwa, Bumusi, Bubukasha, Bukibokolo, Bumatanda and Bunaporo.

The ministry successfully concluded the first round of the second phase of integrated oral cholera vaccination campaign in May 2019. The campaign targeted 630,120 persons living in the cholera hotspot sub counties in the four districts of Nebbi, Zombo, Pakwach and Buliisa. The vaccine coverages in the four districts were 53% in Buliisa, 102% in Nebbi, 106% in Pakwach and 84%in Zombo district.

The Ministry of Health will conduct the second dose vaccination campaign dose from August-September 2019. Oral Cholera Vaccine is administered orally for persons above one year to protect them against Cholera, a severe, potentially epidemic, life-threatening diarrheal disease. The vaccine is administered in two doses which are given two weeks apart and offers individuals protection of up to 5 years.

OCV is used as part of the Ministry of Health’s Integrated Cholera prevention and control strategy (including safe water, improved sanitation, and high-quality case management) and is in line with the on-going Cholera elimination activities.

The vaccine reduces the risk of an individual getting sick with or dying of Cholera.

A cumulative total of 51, including both suspected and confirmed cases have been registered; 48 of these have been discharged while 262 contacts have been line listed for follow up.

In order to further arrest transmission of Cholera in Bududa District, Ministry of Health and partners continue to undertake the following interventions: Intensified case management and surveillance of Cholera cases, construction of new household latrines and hand washing facilities, distribution of Aqua-tablets in all affected villages and active social mobilization and sensitization of communities on Cholera and its prevention and control measures.

The ministry has urged people in the affected areas and the general public public to; boil all drinking water or treat water with Chlorine tablets , wash your hands with soap after using the toilet, wash your hands with soap before eating food, always cover the food after cooking to prevent flies from contaminating the food and wash fruits and vegetables before eating.

The public is further urged to be vigilant and report any suspected Cholera cases and other strange deaths to the nearest health facility, or call our toll-free line, 0800-100-066


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