World Remit

WorldRemit was founded on a migrant’s story, and over the years one man’s experience has solved a problem for millions of migrants across the world. Our journey at WorldRemit has allowed us to hear and learn about brave and courageous individuals who have left their homes and comfort for a ‘better life’, not only for themselves but for their family. A sacrifice that is easier said than done, it is the reason why, globally, we celebrate every migrants story this International Migrants Day.

Over the past decade in Africa, the continent has experienced a rise in international migration taking place within the region. Throughout the 1950’s – 1990’s Africans strived to cross the shores to the West for a better life, now, with political stability, economic development, social development and technological advancement we see more Africans relocating within the region.

Migration is widespread in Africaa large number of households have at least one member who has migrated, either internally or externally.  Many households consider migration as a strategy to improve their livelihood, minimize their risks and diversify their income sources.

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After Kenya and Senegal, Uganda has a relatively high number of households with international and internal migrants. For example, within the region – Uganda has the highest number of households with internal migrants by 42% versus Kenya which recorded 35%.

In addition to internal/ international migration, Uganda is the third largest refugee-hosting nation in the world, with more than 1.8 million refugees in the past 3 years.

A migrant’s story is at the heart of WorldRemit, as we strive to assist families to stay connected and support each other with ease, no matter where they are around the world.

A testimonial from Kwizera Dieudonne Andrew is the reason why we work to be the best remittance service to our customers;

“I’m from Uganda, I’ve been in the US for six years, the first time I got to the US it was very hard for me especially sending money to support my family and friends back home. As everyone knows, USA is one of the busiest countries and it was getting hard for me to manage time to go to the store to transfer money to my family.

During my second year in the US I came across WorldRemit on Facebook. Someone said I could remit money easily with them, so I downloaded the app and tried it out at home.  The money went through, I felt so relieved.  From 2016 I’ve been sending money with WorldRemit I’ve had no bad experiences with them but instead good testimony.

Now I can send money from anywhere at work, home, whilst cooking etc that means a lot to me and to many other African brothers and sisters.

I love WorldRemit because they have these friendly charges that enable everyone to send money, and their exchange rate actually beats Western Union and MoneyGram as they charge higher transfer fees. So, I really recommend WorldRemit to everyone, it has brought joy to me and my family as I have been able to help support many projects back home.”

At WorldRemit our focus is not solely based on remitting monies, but also about being affordable, convenient and part of the migrant story. Our service offers senders savings of up to 48% off the cost to send US$200 compared to most banks, and up to 22% compared to most money transfer operators based on World Bank data.

Happy International Migrants day to Ugandans throughout the world!