Regarding the article in the New Vision newspaper of Thursday 21st May 2020 titled- 5000 teachers and policemen cheated in Loans Scam where it is alleged that Letshego Uganda customers (teachers and policemen) are fraudulently compelled to refund money lent to them is UNTRUE.
In 2015, through our branches, we received complaints related to loan disbursements where applicants from districts like Iganga, Jinja and Luwero were raising queries pertaining to deductions being made from their salary and yet they hadn’t applied for the loan (s).

Letshego reported a case at Jinja road police station, vide Police Ref/CRB2979/2015 and Gef 29/2019. Letshego continues to cooperate with the Police to ensure these cases are logically concluded.

We wish to emphasize that Letshego is the victim because it is the institution that lost money and not a beneficiary of the fraud.
At Letshego, we are bound by Customer Protection guidelines issued by UMRA (Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority) which embody transparency and integrity. We cannot cheat customers who we open doors every day to serve and the ONLY reason we exist.
For any further clarity, reach out to:
Roger Mugisha- Head of Corporate Communications Letshego
Mob: 0786-590859

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