Robert Kyagulanyi and other party members launching the registers.
EC Village Verification

The National Unity Platform party has launched the registration of all party members who would like to register for identity cards from where they hail from.

NUP had launched the membership registration that has been only taking place at NUP secretariat in Kamwokya for the entire country, which has been hard for people who come from far places to access.

Joel Senyonyi, the National Unity Platform party spokesperson notes that they have received a lot of inquiries and requests from people who come from far places about how they could be registered without first coming to the head offices.

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He says that, in order to make it easy for all the people who want to access NUP registration services without making long journeys especially in this season where the pandemic affected the means of transport.

“Our cards cost only shillings 1000 but those who can offer extra money can give more in order to support the part which needs a lot of financial support.” Senyonyi explains.

Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi, the NUP leader says that he is very optimistic that with these registers, more members are going to join the party, because they have been unable to access the head offices due to the fact that they lack means of transport.

“I urge with you Ugandans who have been yarning for this opportunity, and I call upon you to utilize this registration that will be brought near you.” Kyagulanyi adds.

In the same way, he clarifies that now that they are a fully registered political party, they will not entertain the leaders who will want to be in NUP and still remain in their political parties.

He further notes that, in that way, they are on the road to make the strongest party in the country.

“You cannot belong to two political parties, we are now a party therefore, you have to decide on being with us only.” Says Kyagulanyi.

Jameson Kamoga a NUP supporter who travelled to Kampala from Masaka says they are many people in his place who are yarning for registering with NUP but they are unable to make it to Kampala, and he applauds that fact that even those people he left home will register when the registers reach them.