A group of NRM youth (photo by James Kamali)

The National Resistance Movement Youth group under Kampala yellow youth camp in Kawempe Division are furious with President Museveni’s empty promises to them, they are vowing not to campaign for NRM before receiving the financial support  that was promised to them in 2016.

Over 200 hundred irritated youth group comprise tailors, car washers, mechanics, and vendors in Kawempe division say they were used in NRM campaigns of 2016 general elections, and they have been participating in all NRM party activities repeatedly but they have remained in the worst poverty.

Addressing Journalists earlier today at Kawempe Kutanno in Kampala, Kenneth Sserunjongi, their chairperson claims that they are tired of being used and remembered only during campaign periods without receiving promises by the president and the party.

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Some leaders in Kampala have deceived the President that NRM has no support in Kawempe, a reason why there Saccos and projects were left out in receiving support compared to other areas in Kampala. 

Dorcus Ainembabazi who leads women alleges that President Museveni’s brother Salim Sareh promised to empower them with tailing machines and empowering their small projects but all has been in vain.

Other group member’s want the President to meet them by himself since all people surrounding him are full of dishonesty in terms of delivering whatever is given to them.

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