The territorial Police in Kisoro are holding two suspects for allegedly participating in acts of public nuisance. The duo appeared to be indulging in acts of street sex, along the road in Kisoro Municipality.

Elly Maate, the Kisoro territorial Police spokesperson said the arrested include Hafashimana Paskari, 29, a resident of migeshi village in Rwaramba parish and Muhawenimana Colodine Mukamurenzi, 24 of Nyakinama sub-county Kisoro, District.

“They will be charged in court with public nuisance due to their acts of annoyance to the public,” he said.

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In a video that has since gone viral on social media, Mukamurenzi and Paskari are seen leisurely walking up the road and then without warning, the two literally hump away, in the middle of a busy road, with little or no care for who’s watching the show.

The video shows the two walking up the road chatting away while Mukamurenzi is pushing the man’s bicycle. The man then, slowly but very calculative, pulls back to ensure he is walking right behind her.

Without warning, Paskari pulls Mukamurenzi by her waist up close to his chest and with his other hand, removes his manhood and attempts to lift her skirt in order to insert it. It’s reported that she agreed with the man a fee of Shs 5,000 only. Eye witness says the ordeal lasted close to three minutes.

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