road accident sign (courtesy photo)
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Fifty eight (58) people died in road accidents during the Christmas festive season between December 23rd and 26th, Police has said.

The Spokesperson of the Police Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety, ASP Nampiima Faridah on Monday told reporters that 195 accidents occurred during the festive season and out of these 51 were fatal, 93 were serious and 51 were minor.

“There were 248 accident victims during the festive season and out of these, 58 persons died and 190 sustained injuries,” Nampiima said.

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Most of the accidents (95) occurred in the Kampala Metropolitan area and the rest in upcountry.

She said of the victims killed, 7 were drivers, 17 motor cyclists, 4 pedal cyclists, 12 were passengers in motor cycles, 1 passenger on heavy omnibus, 4 passengers on other vehicles and 13 pedestrians.

Reckless driving caused most of the accidents accounting for 171 accidents of the total 195. Other causes were careless pedestrian and hit and run.

ASP Nampiima notes that during the festive season, a total of 3,070 traffic offenders were arrested at various checkpoints on various offences including reckless driving, speeding, not wearing seatbelts and invalid licences.

Nampiima added that police is still conducting operations to keep people safe on the roads until the end of the festive season.