Besigye with Betty Nambooze

Former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has visited the ailing Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke in New York where she went for treatment.

Nambooze went to New York in June 2022 seeking further treatment having suffered injuries after the fall in her home in Mukono. She was first admitted at Lubaga Hospital however the situation worsened.

 “I’ve visited Hon Betty Nambooze in New York and was comforted to find her looking more fit & in high spirits than I’d seen her for quite some time,” Besigye said.

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 “When Comrade Dr. Kiza Besigye traveled for two and half hours on a train to come and check on me in New York, it touched my heart profoundly. The fact that he decided to come and see firsthand how I’m doing health wise….surprised me greatly,” Nambooze said.

She said Besigye is one of the greatest assets of the struggle ever concerned about the welfare of Activists.

 “I joked but the joke is actually true that none of my sicknesses has ever been resolved without his name featuring somewhere and that now that he had come to see me,” she said.

She however gave hope for quick recovery and promised to travel back to Uganda very soon.

 “I will soon be well and fit to travel back to Uganda. I ate butwefuke buto ne….. Colonialist ……Dictators and oppressors on one side….Democrats and Strugglists on the other side! (in H.E Bobi’s voice),” she tweeted.

“Thank you Doctor for that kind venture,” she thanked Besigye.

In 2017 Nambooze suffered grave injuries to her back during a scuffle that emerged in the House while Parliament debated the controversial constitutional amendment bill that aimed at lifting the presidential age limit. She was then taken to India where she underwent surgery.