Signing the historic agreement are Godfrey Kuruhiira Akiiki, CAO of Buikwe District, center, and Gadi Yerushalmi, COO, CTI Africa, left, with Dr. Richard Bbosa, Buikwe District Health Officer, right.

CTI Africa Ltd has signed a far-reaching healthcare agreement with Buikwe District.

The agreement will transform the lives of all the district’s residents by implementing CTI’s ground-breaking LifeHealthTM software platform.

Speaking at the signing of the agreement, CTI’s CEO Dr. Michelle Barry said, “CTI will now be able to demonstrate the power of LifeHealth technology and innovation in a large-scale application. We are committed to a culturally relevant, effective, and sustainable model that bridges the gaps between technology and health, for those who have access to healthcare and those who don’t.” 

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She noted that the Buikwe project will focus on the following areas:

  • Digitization of the district’s health informatics, which is currently paper-based and resource-intensive;
  • Unprecedented access to medical doctors for all 600,000 residents, through teleconsultation;
  • Giving each resident greater access to and control over their own medical records; 
  • Digital household health survey and mapping for higher precision in decision-making by the district’s health planners and providers;
  • Capacity-building for Village Health Teams (VHTs) through e-learning and scheduled training, to handle first-line intervention, such as taking vitals and first aid.

Following several months of public-private partnership strengthening, the agreement was signed on November 3, 2022, by Godfrey Kuruhiira Akiiki, the Chief Administrative Officer of Buikwe District, and Gadi Yerushalmi, the Chief Operating Officer of CTI Africa. 

Dr. Richard Bbosa, the Buikwe District Health Officer, who witnessed the signing, said “We are very excited to be collaborating with CTI/LifeHealth and bringing the future of healthcare to our people. The success of this initiative is imperative as we lead the country and Africa in deploying world-class digital innovation in the health sector. It’s like we are creating Wakanda for real!”

Michael Landau, founder and Executive Chairman of CTI, thanked the leadership of Buikwe for partnering with CTI-Life Health.

 “As we empower and enhance the lives of the citizens and support the government of Buikwe. Our goal is to improve lives and communities though our innovative healthcare solutions.” he said.

The project will be phased in over the next 12 months, with the program’s modular design ensuring scalability and replication in this and other large-scale initiatives.

CTI’s mission is to bring public and private institutions together with governments to unlock synergies that empower communities and build stronger nations. Their divisions include LifeHealthTM, LifeGrowTM, LifePayTM, and LifeDataTM.

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