A photo montage of Amama Mbabazi and President Cyril Ramaphosa

Uganda’s former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s niece, Rwakairu Brigitte, is going to get married to South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa’s son.

According to a source in knowledge of the developments and preparations, the marriage ceremony will take place in weekend in South Africa.

Brigitte Rwakairu is a daughter to former Premier Mbabazi’s late brother. Mr Mbabazi took over the raising of the girl after her father’s death.

It is said that the family is planning to make an official announcement tomorrow at a press conference at the former Premiers home in Nyonyi Gardens, Kololo.

As per the Western Ugandan tradition, Ramaphosa has to lead a team of his family to Uganda, probably to Cocezo, Mbabazi’s village, for Kuhingira- traditional marriage- where he will have to give cows and other assortment of gifts to the Mbabazi family as a thank you gesture.

A couple of years ago, President Rwamaphosa took interest in the Ankole long horned cattle and it is believed he bought over 100 heads of cattle and started a farm down in South Africa.

South Africa’s President has two known sons, Andile and Tumelo Ramaphosa. The latter having a known partner, Kelebogile Shomang, whom he keeps flashing on social media.

For now, Eagle Online cannot ascertain whether President Museveni would be invited to the Kuhiingira.