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Hundreds of mourners have gatherd to pay their last respects to fallen News anchor Rosemary Nankabirwa who succumbed to cancer on Sunday. She had been flown to Agha Khan hospital after friends and fans contributed over 110million on Saturday.

It was a sorrowfullafternoon today at All saints chapel as mourners joined to pay their last respects to Nankabirwa.

Laying in a brown casket that had a jesus on the cross crest, Nankabirwa;s body was wheeled amid sobbs from friends and relatives by Uganda Funeral services staff into the church where she would be prayed for.

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Monsignor Gerald Kalumba, the service’s main preacher urged mourners to emulate Nankabirwa. Monsignor kalumba said the Rose was a very staunch believer and a woman of faith. “One of the priests met Rose in church in london, he was so surprised, not many young girls go to church these days,” he narrated. “She never lost hope and she would call me for holy communion even when she was in pain”

Monsignor Gerald Kalumba
Monsignor Gerald Kalumba

Rose’s best friend Rhoda made people cry after she narrated how rose was a strong woman. She said Rose was a believer. “Rose was singing while on the plane. She left me a message that we should love one another,” said teary Rhoda.

Many people from all walks of life attended the service. Among them included Ruth Nankabirwa, represented the government, Jim Muhwezi, Paddy Ankunda and media personalities.

Rosemary Nankabirwa’s bosy will spend a night in Kanyanya where the vigil will be held. She will be burried on Wednesday in Kinoni Masaka.

NTV argues mourners not to blame government for Rose’s death.

Nation television Ntv used the opportunity to exornorate government from Rose’s death. Nelson Muhiirwa, the Ntv Human resource said that the government was not to blame for Rose’s death. “Doctors in the Britain failed but its doctors in Uganda that diagonised and treated her, don’t blame the government.” He said. Muhiirwa’s remarks come after the government was criticised for not providing enough resources for the Mulago Cancer Institute.

Mr Gashumba lays a wreath during Nankabirwa Requiem mass
Mr Gashumba lays a wreath during Nankabirwa Requiem mass

President Yoweri kaguta Museevein contributed 5million shillings towards Rose’s treatment in the Save Rosemary Nankabirwa fundraising drive.

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