CP Enanga
Fred Enanga,Police Spokesperson.
Fred Enanga,Police Spokesperson.

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change has been given the green light by police to carry out their countrywide campaigns in a bid to get the party flag bearer in the 2016 presidential elections.

After a series of meetings between the FDC legal team and police, the party has finally been cleared to proceed with their campaigns this morning.

“We have cleared the FDC party campaigns to take place after a meeting with their legal team if they comply with the public order management act.” Said Fred Enanga, Police Spokesperson.

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Police revealed some of the terms agreed upon in the meeting.

“We informed them that they are supposed to write to the DPC of each area they are to visit and inform him of the place and time of the campaign.” Enanga said.

Other terms include not marching from one place to another as this is expected to create chaos.

Party president General Mugisha Muntu and Former party president Dr.Kizza Besigye are battling it internally to see who represents the party in the forth coming elections.

This unfolding comes after Dr.Besigye was blocked from launching his campaigns by police, arrested and detained for about ten hours. Police claimed that the campaigns were illegal and that the party had not written to then in accordance to the Public Order Management Act, something that the party condemned saying they had written to the police in advance.

Police today admitted reception of this letter from the party’s secretary for defense however say that the first letter was not clear.

“The first letter they wrote to us did not describe properly exactly what they were supposed to do and it was supposed to be written by the party chairperson,” Mr.Enanga said.

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