JOIINS 'THE BEAT': Producer Sheilah Gashumba
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It ought to be remembered that Sheilah Gashumba’s efforts to make it to the US for the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) convention last year hit a snag after her employers, NTV, did not include her on the list of those to travel on the all-expenses paid trip.

At the time Sheilah had assured all and sundry that she was travelling to the US, and in a bid to avoid shame, changed her storyline and told friends that she stayed behind to give way for Eddy Kenzo, who was also travelling to the US.

She then said she was to use her air ticket this year. However, even when the UNAA convention came up again this year, her name was missing on NTV’s list of those to travel for the event.

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It’s at this time that the Gashumbas started panicking.

They reportedly rushed to Turkish Airways, benching for a free flight to US in return for Facebook posts praising the airline.

To their disappointment the airline blantantly said ‘No’ to their proposal.

The two then reportedly rushed the same proposal to Ethiopian Airlines, who appear to have been convinced, making her dream finally came true a few days back.

She finally made it to the US albeit just a day away from the closure of the event and soon you may be seeing Facebook posts praising Ethiopian Airways on both her dad’s account and hers.

But while speaking to us, she denied having been rejected by Turkish Airways.

“It is instead me who rejected them,” Sheilah said.