YOU ARE FIRED! NTV boss Agnes Konde

NTV’s recent restructuring exercise saw over 15 employees of the Serena-based station exit.

The restructuring is back again, and according to a reliable source, the first victim this time round is Senior Reporter and Producer of NTV Akawungeezi, Ernest Wisdom Kiyonga.

The source further reveals that more are to be relieved of their duties effective early next year, and these will join Kiyonga, Rukh-Shana Namuyimba, Solomon Serwanja, Dean Saava who have exited NTV this year.

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Meanwhile, as NTV Managing Director Agnes Konde tries to purge the newsroom, her stay is uncertain as word has it that a former Daily Monitor Manager and now a Manager at Nation Media Group in Nairobi is likely to replace her anytime from now.

And, sources say the axe is not limited to NTV alone as uncertainty looms at its sister companies, Daily Monitor, Dembe and KFM.

Apparently, all the media components are to merge so as to cut on operational costs. In the merger, reporters and staff will have to work for all the three Nation Media Group (Uganda) undertakings; the two radio stations, NTV and Daily Monitor.


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