HAPPIER DAYS: Zari Hassan, hubby Diamond Platnumz and baby Nillian Dangote.

Socialite Zari Hassan and her husband, Diamond Platnumz on Saturday unveiled the face of their youngest child at a lavish party that was held in Dar es Salaam.

The venue and the attires of the people in attendance all proved the financial prowess of the couple behind the party.

And it didn’t end at just that, Zari took it a step higher by throwing money for all to pick. Well, if you thought it was that much which was spent on the party, you are mistaken.

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CELEBRITY KID: Baby Nillian Dangote

Apparently, that’s just a tip of the iceberg! Indeed, reports indicate that the couple earned about Shs330million from the party. This came in form of money earned through endorsements for their child, Nillian Dangote.

Among the companies whose products were endorsed during the unveiling of Nillian’s face include; Vodacom, GSM and Dizzim Online.

Another company, Baby Shop, will be paying the baby Shs1,605,350 a month in return for dressing the baby.

As a norm, Muslims keep the faces of their kids a secret until when they are 40 days old.  To fulfill this, the celebrity couple held their son Prince Nillian’s first biggest party which they called 40 Special. The party was to finally reveal his face to the public for the first time, 40 days after being born. The two were dressed in some really expensive attires, making them look like royalty.



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