DENIED US VISA? Phiona Nabitengero aka Fifi Da Queen

It’s just a few weeks to this year’s Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) convention.

However, among those to miss out this year’s convention is Bukedde TV presenter, Fifi Da Queen real names Fiona Nabitengero.

This is after she was denied visa by the US embassy. According to sources close to UNAA management, Fifi’s visa was blocked by Ugandans in the US who accused the presenter of using degrading remarks about them in a video she shared on social media.

In January, Fifi called majority of the ladies on kyeyo ‘sluts’ and vowed to continue insulting them for as long as they continued talking about her.

“The way all Ugandans abroad want respect should be the same way they respect the people they leave home. Ugandans abroad think they are the only people that work hard. They always insult those home but quickly get offended whenever the same words are thrown at them,” she said in a video posted the following day.

Sources say she is currently a depressed woman having missing out on a free flight. Were she to travel, this would have been her second time in the US having attended the same event last year.