IN FIGHTING MOOD: Musician Apass

Singer Apass without a doubt seems to be in the right shape for a fight, if we are to go by his most recent post on social media.

STANDS WARNED: Musician Geosteady

And he has already named his opponent. According to his message, he would like to have Geosteady as the first victim this year.

“Geosteady Blackman you can’t ask to battle me, I can’t battle with a small fat little man. You are not on my level go and battle with Barbie J not me nze ngyakutagula tagula little man,” Apass warned.

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“The people you need to battle are those who can’t read and write plus those who don’t know English, not me. By the way little Geo, who tricked you into thinking onsobola … wedeko mukwano I am warning you viola aka Geosteady Shortman.”

But in a space of hours, Geosteady had already responded, saying he was tired of entertaining Apass’ fans and it was high time the dancehall singer released new songs.

“My brother I know you make a lot of practice Home paka mukiyungu but now this level is for only people with Microphones in public. Okwogera enyo sikuyimba bambi; Baby Teacher Wakikyenga. I have helped u a lot entertaining your fans. I’m gonna stop Mr nkuyambye ekimala. Since you know posting and tweeting drop your concert online hahaha Bambi.”

Anyway, fans will keep asking: “who is a better singer between the two?”


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